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Surrounding tourism

◆Bukeyashiki (Samurai residence) tourism◆ <Currently suspended to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.>

Service only for those who stay.
About 30 minutes before and after breakfast sightseeing tour!
Guide by bus conference (first-come, first 20 people / reservation system)

We only operate the roads during the Qing Long years, and guide you from inside the car, such as Ishigaki, Dohsa, Bukeyashiki (Samurai residence), Castle ruins, etc. on both sides.
Please participate in the memories of Hagi, a town in history.

Recommended sightseeing spots

  • Hagi Hakkei Pleasure Cruise

    Horiuchi, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture (Shigetsu Bridge side)

    "Access from hotel", 10 minutes on foot 

    "Supplement", Histric remains of Hagi castle from the Histric remains of Hagi castle next to the Shigetsu Bridge, overlooking the Hagi Castle Town and Horiuchi Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings that have been registered as a World Cultural Heritage in Heisei (time period) July, to Hashimoto River   
      One about 40 minutes round-trip route of a view of the Tamae of Hagi Hakkei a U-turn in Former Tanaka Second Residence destination.
  • Kikugahama Beach

    Horiuchi, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture Kikugahama, Horiuchi, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

    【Access from hotel】·One minute on foot 
    A beach in front of our hotel!  

    【Supplement】 The white sand beach of Aomatsu which runs from Histric remains of Hagi castle country designated historic site along Hagi Port to Hamasaki Commercial Port. From the sandy beach it is a great location where you can see Mt shizuki, Mt Kasa and many islands.It has been selected as 100 Best Comfortable Beaches"100 Best Comfortable Beaches Most Enjoyable 100 Best Comfortable Beaches", and a beautiful sunset view is also a superb view.
  • Former Hagi Domain School Meirinkan

    Hagi City Uenji Eto Takei

    【Access from hotel】 ·10 minutes by car 

    【Supplement】 Hagi Domain School Meirinkan is Hanko was built in Hagi Castle Sannomaru (Horiuchi) for the sons and daughters education of 5 feudal lord Yoshimoto in Kyoho (time period) year (1718) is Mouri Family vassal. Within the site, there is Former Meirin Elementary School main building, has been registered in the Registered Tangile Cultural Property of Japan in Heisei (time period)
  • Hagi Castle Town

    Near 1 Gofuku Town, Hagi City

    【Access from hotel】 ·5 minutes on foot 

    【Supplement】 Hagi Castle Town is an asset that represents politics, administration, and economy in the local community when Japan aimed at industrialization at the end of the Edo period, and Former townspeople area of 3 districts: castle ruins, Former senior samurai area, and Former townspeople area districts.
    Hagi Castle Town, Edo era of tradition and identity system, which Edo period of the community tried to industrialization had, very has been evaluated that shows well the socio-economic structure.
  • Shokasonjuku

    1537 Chinto, Hagi City (Shoinjinja Shrine site)

    【Access from hotel 】·12 minutes by car 

    "Supplement", privately presided over by Shoin Yoshida the end of the Edo period.
    It is a 50 m2 small building with wooden tiled flats, and one room of 14 square meters from the beginning and 8 square meters one room, 5 square meters two rooms, Doma 1 tsubo, and a part with a mezzanine floor which was built by Shoin Yoshida later It consists of In the room of 14 square meters, which was the lecture room, there are plaster statues and portraits of Shoin, and a desk.