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Surrounding tourism

◆Samurai residence sightseeing◆

Service only for those who stay.
About 30 minutes before and after breakfast sightseeing tour!
Guide by bus conference (first-come, first 20 people / reservation system)

Keicho runs only the way of those days, we are guiding you from the car, such as stone walls on both sides, earth walls, samurai residences, castle ruins etc.
Please participate in the memories of Hagi, a town in history.

Recommended sightseeing spots

  • Hagi Hakkei Boat Excursion Boat

    Horiuchi, Hagi City Yamaguchi Prefecture(Shizuki Bridge side)

    "Access from hotel", 10 minutes on foot 

    "Supplement", Histric remains of Hagi castle from Shizuki Bridge Histric remains of Hagi castle horizontal, while looking at the Hagi castle town and Horiuchi conservation district of traditional buildings that have been registered as a World Cultural Heritage in 2015 July, to Hashimoto River.  A round-trip route of about 40 minutes to make a U-turn at the former Tanaka Bureaus and look at one of the Hagi 8 scenic spots.
    • Hagi Hakkei Boat Excursion Boat

  • Kikugahama Beach

    Hagi City Yamaguchi Prefecture Horiuchi Kikugahama

    【Access from hotel】·One minute on foot 
    A beach in front of our hotel!  

    【Supplement】 Along the Hagi Port from the Histric remains of Hagi castle National Designated Historic Site, the coast of the White Sand Awamatsu which continues to Hamasaki Shopping Port.From the sandy beach it is a great location where you can see Mt shizuki, Mt Kasa and many islands.It is selected as "100 Bathrooms Bathing Pavilion" and the beautiful sunset scenery is also an excellent view.
    • Kikugahama Beach

  • Old Hagi clan school Minghykan

    Hagi City Uenji Eto Takei

    【Access from hotel】 ·10 minutes by car 

    【Supplement】 Hagi clan school Meizunkan is a shrine built in Higashi Sannomaru (Horiuchi) for the young lady Yoshimoto's 5th generation lord Yoshimoto's education for his younger brother.In the premises there is the main building of the former Mei Lung Elementary School, which is registered as a national registered tangible cultural property in 1996.
    • Old Hagi clan school Minghykan

  • Hagi castle town

    Near Hagi City Kureapporo cho 1-chome

    【Access from hotel】 ·5 minutes on foot 

    【Supplement】 Hagi castle town is an asset that represents politics, administration and economy in the community at the time when Japan aimed at industrialization at the end of the Tokugawa period, consisting of the three districts of the castle ruins, the former senior samurai district and the former townspeople.
    Hagi castle town is highly appreciated showing the tradition and social structure of the Edo period, socioeconomic structure which the community at the end of the Edo period tried to industrialize very well.
    • Hagi castle town, (Kikuya Yokocho)

  • Shokasonjuku

    Hagi City Tsunodō 1537(Inside Shoinjinja Shrine site)

    【Access from hotel 】·12 minutes by car 

    "Supplement", private school which Yoshida Matsue presided over at the end of the Edo period.
    Building of wooden tile roofed building of about 50 square meters, we have a room of 14 square meters from the beginning and 8 square meters room with Yoshida Matsuei expanded, 5 square meters room, 1 bedroom with duplex floor, with mezzo floor It is made up.In the room of 14 square meters that was a lecture room, there are plaster figures and portraits of the shrine, desk.
    • Shokasonjuku