Hagi City Yamaguchi Prefecture Higashi-Hagi Station 5 minutes by car By Kikugahama Selected 100 sunset
I will face the Sea of ​​Japan in front of you★Superb view & natural hot spring inn★

Resort Hotel Mihagi

Guest room with Balinese open-air bath "NEW OPEN!" -From April 2023

  • April 2023 Opening of guest rooms with Balinese open-air baths

    Wrap yourself in the interior of a Balinese Asian resort
    You can enjoy “a moment in Asia”.
    Extraordinary in a different space in a calm atmosphere!

[Concept Room Castle Town] Hoshizora Michita Sora - Sora - Opened in March 2023

  • New "Concept Room Castle Town" Hoshizora Michita Sora -Sora- Open March 2023

    Starry sky production with a planetarium projector
    fall asleep while looking at the starry sky
    Please enjoy such luxury.

A concept room on the castle town side.3 different layouts Open December 2022

  • New "Concept Room" Castle Town Forest and Jungle【Non-smoking】

    With the theme of "forest and jungle", surrounded by trees,
    Cute animals welcome you!
    Lots of photo spots!?
    Would you like to take a nice picture at your favorite place?
  • New "Concept Room" Castle Town Sea and Coral Reef【Non-smoking】

    With the theme of "sea and coral reefs", it's like being in an aquarium
    It's full of excitement.
    Would you like to take a nice picture with many big and small sharks?★
  • New "Concept Room" Castle Town Ladybug and Spring Meadow【Non-smoking】

    It is a warm and cute space with the theme of "ladybug and spring meadow".
    Boldly drawn murals are good for photo spots!
    I'm sure it will be a nice piece...

Guest room with semi-open-air bath "NEW OPEN!" -From April 2022

  • April 2022 Opening of guest rooms with semi-open-air baths

    April 2022NEW OPEN!
    The hotel's first ocean view with a semi-open-air bath!
    Stretch your legs on the tatami mats and relax, and the beds are made of Simmons to support a comfortable sleep!
    Immediately in front of the Sea of Japan, Kikugahama Beach! Please spend a quiet time at dusk.
    Along with the open-air bath!

Private open-air bath "NEW OPEN!"-From August 2021

  • August 2021 Private open-air bath OPEN

    I want to take a leisurely soak in the hot springs without worrying about anyone!
    A private space has been created to fulfill such a desire.

    Please spend a special time without worrying about the density.

    Utilization time :  45 minutes
      Charge : 4,400 yen

Guest room with open-air bath "NEW OPEN!"-From February 22, 2020

  • February 22, 2020 Guest room with outdoor bath OPEN!

    Rooms with open-air bath (Japanese style room 3R, Western style room 2R) are OPEN!
    Immediately in front of the Sea of Japan, Kikugahama Beach! Please spend a quiet time at dusk.
    With hot spring open-air bath!

    A superb open-air bath overlooking the Sea of Japan and Kikugahama!
    Please enjoy an open-air bath with a sense of openness.

Superb outdoor bath "NEW OPEN!"-From August 11, 2018

  • August 11, 2018 Open-air bath OPEN!

    Two spectacular outdoor baths with different Japanese and Western tastes!
    Please enjoy the beautiful scenery at home-made hot spring.

    Also near the outdoor bath
    Since we have also newly established a “cup of tea” and a “powder room for women”,
    Please use also there.

Information on smoking cessation in all guest rooms

  • All guest rooms will be non-smoking from February 10, 2021

    The government has passed the "Revised Health Promotion Law", and inns will be required to prevent second-hand smoke in the future.
    In accordance with the national policy, and in view of the strong demand from our customers to quit smoking, we will ban smoking in all guest rooms that were allowed to smoke from February 10, 2021.

    For customers who smoke, please use the smoking space.

About measures against coronavirus

  • About approach to new coronavirus infectious disease

    【Initiatives at this facility] 
    1. We will thoroughly check the health of all employees when they come to the office and perform regular hand disinfection.
    2. All employees wear masks.
    3. We will instruct employees to ensure social distance.
    Four. Alcohol disinfectant is installed in common areas.
    Five. We will regularly sterilize and disinfect common areas.
    6. We will thoroughly ventilate common areas and guest rooms.
    7. 7. We will verify your identity and measure the temperature at the time of your stay.

Information on how to use the discount coupon for your next stay

  • Discount coupon usage calendar for next stay

    The calendar shows weekdays, days before holidays, and excluded days, so
    Please be sure to check in advance if you are using a discount coupon for your next stay.

    valid period:1 year

Choice of rooms

  • Superb view rooms with ocean playing

    You can enjoy your room from calming Japanese style rooms to Western style rooms, depending on your preference and mood.
    Also, as there are various room types from the sea side rooms of the best view to the rooms of the castle town side,
    You can choose according to purpose of use.

Observation public bath

  • A hot spring that dominates the great view

    The hot spring is a natural hot spring of self-source which is pumping up from underground 1500 m 3.
    Body shower, biprabus and various kinds can enjoy hot springs abundantly.

Award winner

  • Awarded various awards

    Rakuten Travel Award 2015, Silver Award
    Rakuten Travel Bronze Award 2017,2018,2019
    Rakuten Travel Japanese-style Hotel Award 2017, 2019
    Rakuten Travel, Japan Hotel Award TOP 47, 2018
    RURUBU Travel Award 2017
    Yahoo! Travel Award 2019 / Chugoku Shikoku 1st place
    2018 Jalan net ranking Selling Inn Grand Prize / 11 to 50 rooms category, Yamaguchi Prefecture 3rd place

Superb view location

  • Kikugahama Japan's Best 100 Sunsets

    Kikugahama Beach which was chosen as Japan's Best 100 Sunsets in front of me.
    Kikugahama white sand beach which lasts about 1 km expands in front of the hotel.
    Please enjoy the exquisite scenery because it is a hotel facing the sea.

View of Kikugahama

  • Seaside Bathing Selection of 100 Seas

    From the lobby of the hotel you can see the sea of Kikugahama which is also the beach that represents Yamaguchi.
    Free coffee is available, so please spend a bliss while watching the sea.

GROUP STAY, For people using group

  • Group and group travel also

    With casual friends.For gatherings with your family / relatives.
    You can use it in various scenes such as company training trip, resort MICE!

    Points that can be enjoyed with friends are aligned!

Various electronic money payments are now possible

  • Corresponding electronic money

    •Electronic money
    (PayPay,d payment,Rakuten Pay,auPAY)
    • Transportation electronic money
      ICOCA, SUGOCA, nimoca, Hayakaken)
    • WAON
    • QUICPAY +
    • iD
    • Rakuten Edy

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